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Ford will bring forward part of its scheduled summer shutdown in light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis that is dramatically affecting Europe.

23 Mar 2020 | International News : U.K.

Ford is working closely with all its partners as they navigate through the current COVID-19 crisis.

Due to the dramatic impact this on-going crisis is having on the European market and its suppliers, Ford has decided to bring forward part of the summer shutdown period for its U.K. operations to the Easter period.

This means production at its Dagenham Engine Plant in east London will temporarily cease starting from 23 March 2020. Bridgend Engine Plant in South Wales will temporarily cease production from the end of the day on 25 March 2020. In addition, the shutdown period will also be extended across the rest of the Ford business in the U.K., excluding a small number of employees supporting business critical activities. All employees will receive payments at least equivalent to their base pay.
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