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The AMG GT pushchair gets all the sporty design of the AMG cars thanks to its jacquard fabric sun canopy and a sophisticated five-point harness system.

28 May 2022 | International News : Germany

Need to ferry your baby around in the absolute pinnacle of design, comfort and sportiness? Yeah, we didn't think so, but that has not stopped Mercedes-AMG from making this special AMG GT version of the pushchairs it currently collaborates with German firm Hartan to manufacture.

The special edition AMG GT pushchair, limited to 299 units worldwide, is said to sport a striking appearance akin to the sportiness of Mercedes-AMG's other vehicles, thanks to a sun canopy made of high-quality jacquard fabric that sports a red AMG diamond pattern on a black background.

The special edition AMG GT pushcar gets a sun canopy made of jacquard fabric that sports a red AMG diamond pattern on a black background
Also emphasising the AMG connection here is an AMG logo on the frame of the pushchair, which takes the form of a high-quality embroidery made of reflective thread on the folding pocket.

To be fair, the pushchair does come with other, more useful features. These include the Hartan-signature large, lockable swivel wheels, all equipped with their own suspension system to allow the pushchair can be moved safely over any terrain.

The AMG GT pushchair also comes with handles in a black leather look, with red topstitching for a high-quality feel, and a standard handbrake alongside a sophisticated five-point harness system with magnetic closure, for the highest safety. The special edition pushcar's seat unit can, as with most of Hartan's units, be turned with a flick of the wrist - so the baby can look either into the distance or at the parents. And it can be folded down so that it fits in the boots of even the sportiest of vehicles.

More information on the 'Mercedes among pushchairs' is available at Hartan's website here.

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