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Esso Exclusives strives to help drivers reap more benefits from their journeys whenever they visit Esso stations and stores.

12 Aug 2022 | Local News : Singapore

Esso will be celebrating our nation's National Day with a special tote bag promotion where three charming designs celebrate landmarks in different areas of Singapore - North/West, South and East.

Head down to Bober Tea locations in Esso stations to enjoy a unique National Day themed drink in the colours of the Singapore flag or the Esso exclusive drink in Esso colours. You can also check out National Day deals while visiting Esso stores.

The gasoline company also presents Esso Smiles points. These can help you bring down your fuel costs with instant fuel redemptions, especially important in present times of record high fuel prices.

Esso has collaborated with Kris+ so that you can benefit more from the lifestyle rewards app created by Singapore Airlines. Purchase a $50 cash voucher at $45 (using 6,750 miles) and get a 20% miles-back worth $9.00. This offer is limited to the first 1,000 purchases only. New users can also download the app and sign up with the code 'KPESSO2207' to receive an additional $5.00 worth of miles instantly.

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