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25 Jun 2020
Passione Argento AT-S62
Excellent speaker in the market - I am surprised with the sound quality from the Passione Agento speakers with deliver crystal clear sound at a affordable price. During the installation, I noticed that the process was e...  Read more

Reviewed by gohbernard ()  | Category: In Car Entertainment

25 Jun 2020
Passione Argento AT-D6 Processor
Best Digital sound processor in the market - It was my first time to own a Mercedes, and i was looking for solution to improve the sound system of the MBX. My expectation is to upgrade the sound system without have to burn a big h...  Read more

Reviewed by gohbernard ()  | Category: In Car Entertainment

23 Jun 2020
Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE004
Most wanted tyre in 2020 - The new RE004 I would say is very banged for the buck with a very sporty thread pattern to go along with. After driving for around 150KM, I will say it has surpassed it, predecessor, th...  Read more

Reviewed by kobayashiGT ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

21 Jun 2020
Esatto Comado CO-S62
Best Investment - Essato Speakers! - In my many years of driving, I have never believed in spending over a thousand dollar to upgrade car audio system. The only mod I did for my previous car was installing an active un...  Read more

Reviewed by Kemkoh ()  | Category: In Car Entertainment

10 Jun 2020
Esatto Comado CO-S62
Best value for money speaker with superb clarity - Install this speaker on my toyota corolla rumion and my car feels like in the movie theatre , sound is crystal clear even in loud volume. Along with esatto dsp amp, a perfect competitio...  Read more

Reviewed by hollalicious ()  | Category: In Car Entertainment

19 May 2020
Best charger - I have several motorcycles and cars. This charger often save my batteries. There are a couple of motorcycle batteries that cannot be saved, but for car batteries, it works like a char...  Read more

Reviewed by Terri_one ()  | Category: Maintenance & Repair

10 May 2020
Duragloss Polish Cleaner 101
Great Product - Got this quite a while back while wanna do it before last CNY. But no time and only manage to do it due to current lockdown. Great. Make it looks shiny with the wet look feel.  Read more

Reviewed by Rjk80n ()  | Category: Grooming

07 May 2020
Dunlop Direzza DZ102
Cheap and reliable - Changed the tyres last year in JB, price very reasonable only RM 1000 for set of 4. Grip and comfort above average and i think the wear is much better than my previous Hankook S1 Noble ...  Read more

Reviewed by Wee_kang8240 ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

05 Apr 2020
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5
Great road feel on these tyres - Changed out to these tyres from my stock tyres. I can feel my car going more stable with the F1a5 tyres, and road feel is also great.  Read more

Reviewed by Seewhyjay ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

05 Apr 2020
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5
Best value to performance ratio in its class - Having tried the Pilot Sport 4 previously, I can safely say this Eagle F1 A5 outperforms that tire in areas of tire noise and has an edge in wet weather performance. The PS4 was launche...  Read more

Reviewed by MarkerPen ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

31 Mar 2020
Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 050+
Review of Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 050+ after 5000k km... - I always want to see review of tyres when they are used after a certain mileage, instead of an instance review; Say after 100 km. But this is the normal review that one will get. I am...  Read more

Reviewed by Royman ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

28 Mar 2020
Dunlop SP Sport LM705
Not too idealistic feeling initially - Have installed this tyre for 2 weeks and done about 1K mileage. My tyre is 195/65/15 My initial feeling is that it feel sluggish as compared to my previous tyre BS EP300. The car fel...  Read more

Reviewed by Ricktyp ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

24 Mar 2020
Sony XAV-AX200
The only one in the market that still have a volum... - I have research that the whole market of apple carplay headunit, only Sony have a headunit that have apple carplay and a volume knob. I am particular about the volume knob as I am drivi...  Read more

Reviewed by kobayashiGT ()  | Category: In Car Entertainment

20 Mar 2020
Dunlop SP Sport LM705
Low road noise comfort tyre - Get this set of tyre and is happy with the ride comfort, especially the low road noise when driving along the expressway. A good set of touring tyre with less bumpy, good fuel efficienc...  Read more

Reviewed by XavithePOOH ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

11 Mar 2020
Passione Rame RE-D4 Processor
Passione Rame RE-D4 DSP - Best Ever! - Installed the Passione RE-D4 dsp a month ago and thought that it was good already. Went back to Autoimage Enterprise to do the second tuning and to my surprise, the sound characteristic...  Read more

Reviewed by Kevin87 ()  | Category: In Car Entertainment

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