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04 Feb 2019
Sonax Gloss Shampoo Concentrate
Sonax Car Shampoo - One of the recommended brand for car wash. Had other well know brand, Sonax is one of the better choice.  Read more

Reviewed by Power69 ()  | Category: Grooming

01 Feb 2019
Esatto Comando CO-D6
EAT - Esatto Amazes Totally - This system really resolves my dilemma between choosing to keep my original HU (for the 360degree cam) and enjoy great sounds. By combining both the DSP and Amp in 1, it saves on preci...  Read more

Reviewed by Danllz ()  | Category: In Car Entertainment

30 Jan 2019
Dunlop Veuro VE303
New tyre - Saw new dunlop tyre review. Just installed after oem Nexen Nblue become a bit noisey. Will review after 10K rides  Read more

Reviewed by Mikelim8116 ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

29 Jan 2019
Esatto Rispetto RO-D8
A new DSP that is surprisingly good - Just swapped out my Audison 5.9 for the Esatto Rispetto RO-D8.. I have an active setup so needed a DSP with more channels, so settled for this model despite the higher price tag as comp...  Read more

Reviewed by Quantem ()  | Category: In Car Entertainment

28 Jan 2019
Esatto Comando CO-D6
Good performance for an integrated DSP/Amp - The integrated Esatto DSP + Amp not only saves precious real estate in the car, but it also possesses exceptional DSP processing to produce really good music. The DSP processing surpris...  Read more

Reviewed by GS418 ()  | Category: In Car Entertainment

22 Jan 2019
3D MAXpider Car Mat
So far the best mat I've used - The fit is very good with upturn design that is very good in case of spillage which can prevent the liquid to seep from sides to the floor carpet.  Read more

Reviewed by Enilyks ()  | Category: Accessories

22 Jan 2019
3M Nomad Car Mat
Still the best after all these years - I have compared many different products before i purchased mine from maxtrend. 3D carmats, 3A carmats, stock mats and passorex mats. But after i watched on YouTube how the 3M mats are a...  Read more

Reviewed by BenjaminOng_147606 ()  | Category: Accessories

11 Jan 2019
Itronics ITB-100HD
Good dash camera - I have this dash cam which is installed in my car by the previous owner. The quality of the camera is very good and recorded video is smooth. Have both the driving mode and parking mode...  Read more

Reviewed by VictorTQT ()  | Category: Accessories

02 Jan 2019
Bridgestone Potenza S007A
Most anticipated UHP tyres i ever wanted! - Been waiting to try these tyres for months. And I finally get my hands (grip) on it! I have been Bridgestone fans all along when I am still driving my puny Suzuki Carry, I have also bee...  Read more

Reviewed by kobayashiGT ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

22 Dec 2018
Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 050+
Good and comfortable touring tires - Dunlop announce in Oct 2018 that all ES will be supplied with these tires. So mine came with it. During test drive, a set of different tires were used. This is my first ever Dunlop tir...  Read more

Reviewed by Gabdat ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

20 Dec 2018
A very good Classic Rim with fantastic paint work ... - Bought this BBS SX Black Metallic from Leong Seng. Surprisingly cheap for the whole set! The design and look of the rim looks are really classic and the paint work is special gloss coa...  Read more

Reviewed by Soonkuay76 ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

12 Dec 2018
Sonax Xtreme Spray & Seal
Really works fast and easy application - Tried the spray and seal after washing car at the void deck. When the car is wet, spray the product all over the car. I then wipe around with a wet cloth to spread the product around. ...  Read more

Reviewed by ErChianKong ()  | Category: Grooming

10 Dec 2018
Good Camera & Software - Was pleasantly surprised by this sleek camera and how its not so distracting than my previous car's dash camera with touch screen. The front camera is excellent and good enough for m...  Read more

Reviewed by Soonkuay76 ()  | Category: Accessories

09 Dec 2018
TSW Nurburgring Rotary Forged
Stunning rims - Installed 17x8j and I still can't stand how good it looks... Definitely made the car feel a lot more premium all by itself.  Read more

Reviewed by yishunite ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

07 Dec 2018
Michelin Pilot Sport 4
Michelin PS 4 - Emailed them and trey replied promptly. Service was prompt and had ample parking to do the installation.  Read more

Reviewed by LawY ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

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