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21 Oct 2020
Esatto Comado CO-S62
Esatto Comado CO-S62 - First heard MASSA in a friend's ride, found the bass is not bad though there is no sub-W. Decided to visit Autoimage showroom to have a proper audition. Met Ted there, in the demo room ...  Read more

Reviewed by Crewboy  ()  | Category: In Car Entertainment

20 Oct 2020
Marbella KR9S Front+Back FHD
Good Front & Rear camera - One of the best deal in the market for a front and rear camera set. Comes with CMOS sensor and I can confirm that the resolution is more than enough. The angle is wide enough too. - Ong...  Read more

Reviewed by Mobile Reviewer ()  | Category: Accessories

20 Oct 2020
Simple sleek and good - Been using this review for about 2 months. Working fine. Good and sharp images. Easy to use. - Ben, Owner of Mazda 6 SLP2--L  Read more

Reviewed by Mobile Reviewer ()  | Category: Accessories

05 Oct 2020
Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 050+
Reasonable good tyre for road spirited driving - Used this set of tyres for approximately 20kkm and i would say the dry grip and water channeling is pretty good. No problem withstanding 440nm on my front wheel drive. Nothing to compla...  Read more

Reviewed by Jackson_ngo  ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

23 Sep 2020
Continental ContiCrossContact UHP
Good grip & braking in wet or dry road - I change from Bridgestone Sports UP to this .Recommended by Stamford Tyre staff. Was actually looking for Michelin SP4 but when along with. I actually surprised by the performance espec...  Read more

Reviewed by Isk2496  ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

02 Sep 2020
Bridgestone Potenza S001
Dated Tyre that should retire - Had these as OEM 18" tyres for my Skoda Octavia RS245. While they perform well initially and under normal conditions, they weakness starts to show when you start to drive it in a spi...  Read more

Reviewed by Pocus  ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

13 Aug 2020
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5
Very balanced UHP Tyre - Swapped out the factory fitted 205/55R16 tyres for 225/45R17 F1A5s yesterday. Immediately felt the positive difference, though it isn't a fair comparison since the former is an eco tyre...  Read more

Reviewed by iamahbee  ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

08 Aug 2020
BlackVue DR590W-2CH
Excellent dash cam - Decided on the BlackVue 590W dash camera after evaluation options for the new vehicle. This is my 3rd time I'm acquiring the Blackvue dash camera - the simplicity in the design, form f...  Read more

Reviewed by cyeogh  ()  | Category: Accessories

25 Jul 2020
Esatto Massa MA-S62
Clear n crisp - Excellent in many ways.. For one, it fits nicely into my current set up. Sound quality is definitely on another level. Yes, it is a little pricey, but to enter sound nirvana, one ...  Read more

Reviewed by joshlee21  ()  | Category: In Car Entertainment

25 Jul 2020
Esatto Massa MA-D4
First experience in ICE and i got the result I alw... - Was done by Ted and his team from AutoImage (the go-to guy in the Sorento group). I was unsure about many things, had little budget and was worried of workmanship. Ted patiently expla...  Read more

Reviewed by joshlee21  ()  | Category: In Car Entertainment

13 Jul 2020
Passione Oro OO-D12 Processor
Passione Oro DSP 12 - Trust Your Years - With many car manufacturers focusing efforts into their vehicle interior digital interfaces to give prospective buyers an unique drivers' experience, you are simply left without much al...  Read more

Reviewed by winsurf  ()  | Category: In Car Entertainment

25 Jun 2020
Passione Argento AT-S62
Excellent speaker in the market - I am surprised with the sound quality from the Passione Agento speakers with deliver crystal clear sound at a affordable price. During the installation, I noticed that the process was e...  Read more

Reviewed by gohbernard  ()  | Category: In Car Entertainment

25 Jun 2020
Passione Argento AT-D6 Processor
Best Digital sound processor in the market - It was my first time to own a Mercedes, and i was looking for solution to improve the sound system of the MBX. My expectation is to upgrade the sound system without have to burn a big h...  Read more

Reviewed by gohbernard  ()  | Category: In Car Entertainment

23 Jun 2020
Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE004
Most wanted tyre in 2020 - The new RE004 I would say is very banged for the buck with a very sporty thread pattern to go along with. After driving for around 150KM, I will say it has surpassed it, predecessor, th...  Read more

Reviewed by kobayashiGT  ()  | Category: Tyres & Rims

21 Jun 2020
Esatto Comado CO-S62
Best Investment - Essato Speakers! - In my many years of driving, I have never believed in spending over a thousand dollar to upgrade car audio system. The only mod I did for my previous car was installing an active un...  Read more

Reviewed by Kemkoh  ()  | Category: In Car Entertainment

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