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spacer Brand Liqui Moly
spacer Category Repair & MaintenanceEngine Oil
spacer Distributed by Liqui Moly Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
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Rated by 5 consumers ( Read )  
spacer Description A high-tech synthetic all-season motor oil. Super Low-Friction for the toughest requirements of modern gasoline and diesel engines. 
Features & Specs
Latest Reviews
Ultimate smoothness  
I have no regrets having my engine oil replaced with this Liqui Moly Low-Friction SAE 10W-40, for it gives the best for my engine. I do not drive spiritedly; instead I always cruise my way through the roads. This engine oil gives me the ultimate smoothness I need to make my way to the destination, with no hiccups. I now have a very relaxing ride to work, from work, to...
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An excellent, low friction engine oil!  
Got this engine oil after being recommended by my friend, and I would love to try new stuff to evaluate which products are good for my car. Went ahead to try this engine oil, and I found it to be such a good, smooth oil. While stopping before the white line at the traffic light, my car vibrates very little, which means the engine oil had done its part to lubricate eng...
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Value-for-the-money engine oil!  
The Liqui Moly Low-Friction SAE 10W-40 gave the performance and confidence I had always been hungry for; smoother gear transmissions, quieter idling, faster pick up and had maintained my engine health. These few years that I had been using this engine oil, had I less spent on repairing engine parts etc. Perfect oil for its price!
A lubricant that does its job well  
This engine lubricant gained my respect for its toughness and reliability on working through the carbon and dirt of my Sonata. After using this engine oil, my car feels so much lighter, smoother and throttle response was great. While idling, my car now doesnt vibrate too much, makes less noise and had improved my everyday driving experience by quite abit. I would defi...
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Seller Information
Distributor : Liqui Moly Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Address : 3 Kim Chuan Lane #04-01/02 (map)
Office No. : 67277600
Message : Send enquiry to merchant
Merchant Logo
Merchant Ratings:
Ang Kah Hoe Automobile
Address : 10 Penjuru Road (map)
Phone : 62615262
Hi-Mec Auto Services Pte Ltd
Address : Blk 1007 Bukit Merah Lane 3 #01-09 (map)
Phone : 62733616
Autobacs Venture S'pore Pte Ltd
Address : 30 Bukit Batok East Avenue 6 (map)
Phone : 67495600
Outlet:1 more outlet
Hin Lee Battery Service Co
Address : 1 Bukit Batok Crescent #04-12 (map)
Phone : 64691817
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